About us

The essence of the business is the production of architectural elements such as gypsum plaster (ie plasterboard) – more precisely cornering, window sills, masks and commercialization to legal persons (warehouses and shops with building materials, DIY shops, construction intermediaries etc ), but also to individuals. The finished product is intended for customers who want to have a comfortable, functional and modern home, so they are looking for finishing in the finest quality construction that is nearing perfection. Through their both functional and aesthetic role, our products will be able to satisfy the most demanding tastes and needs.

Our products include:

  • Cornering in L with or without reinforcement, U-corner or without reinforcement
  • interior gypsum plasterboard
  • spaleti

  • Indirect light masks
  • Cover masks (air conditioning elements, pipes, sensors and other elements inside or outside a building)

    All products will be made from raw materials (gypsum boards) purchased from native producers who use high quality gypsum in the production of slabs. The dimensions and thicknesses of the plates vary depending on the order and the needs. In addition to the tiles, steel bumpers will also be used to reinforce the corners for L and U forms.


    The vision of the company is to gain an important position on the plaster products market for construction, to be a responsible partner and with seriousness guaranteed to all its clients in terms of the products offered. In the long run, we try to keep in touch with our customers, to observe and carefully analyze the new trends of the national and international market in order to tailor offers to the needs of each client.


    The core of our mission is the client and that’s why we do our best to provide the best construction products at the ideal price-quality ratio in a world where technology is the main engine of all activities and time is increasingly precious. Our mission is to demonstrate that the products we offer are trustworthy, offer the quality guarantee and are the perfect solution to meet customer needs in a short time and with minimal effort to get the finishing touches for the desired homes or constructions.


    The strategy that our company relies on in order to obtain an important position on the market for plaster products for construction is the endowment with the latest generation equipment and equipment of the production space in which we are going to carry out our activity offering a wide range of quality products.